The Future of Finance

FESSUD releases infographics summarizing findings from Work Package 11, which explores the possible evolution of financialisation, the financial sector and relevant policies over a 15 to 20 year time horizon. These infographics provide elements on the future expansion & proliferation of finance, the impact of inequality on debt, demand regimes economic performance in general, as well as the possible futures of the euro area.


Financialisation & Well-being

In evaluating the differential impact of financialisation and of the crisis on social well-being across the EU from multiple perspectives, WP5 – Finance and well-being has been focusing particularly on the relationships of households with the financial system. The infographics below summarizes some of the findings of this work package, namely that financialisation dysfunctions produce new vulnerabilities.


Causes & Consequences of the Financial Crisis: Infographics

The main conclusions of nearly 5 years of research in the framework of WP3 – Causes and consequences of the financial crisis have been summed up under the form of the infographics below. Not only does it pinpoint structural factors leading to a financial crisis, it also suggests solutions for a more resilient financial and economic sector.